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“My world currencies and my digital cash are both available in my Fluid super-app. It is easy to spend my digital dollars on my Fluid Cards. To get a Fluid Card, you need to hold FLUID tokens. You can buy them on SushiSwap on Arbitrum or in the app itself. So, you don’t need to be a crypto user at all to get a Fluid Card. Your card is automatically linked to your Fluid Account. So, I can spend whatever I have in my Fluid Account, like digital dollars, digital euros, etc. on my Fluid Card. The cards operate on the Mastercard network and I can use them globally. I can even withdraw my digital cash for traditional cash, in almost any currency, at bank machines around the world.”

“I wasn’t able to spend digital currency on a card. I had to go through a manual process of moving my crypto into a bank account, which was a hassle.”

The old way

The old way

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