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With your Fluid Account, you can get a Fluid Card. Become a member of our Fluid Fam, by locking up one Fluid Token and spend your digital cash anywhere in the world. Withdraw money or pay for coffee – the bridge between the traditional and the digital world has never been this easy.

Got bills to pay? Friends or family who have not yet understood how much better Fluid Accounts are? Want your salary in Fluid?

If you are a resident of the EU/EEA/GB areas, you will also get a Traditional Account once you have verified your ID (don’t worry if you’re not yet on this list. We are working to get a better banking account for you as well).

Of course, these come with virtual debit cards, and soon you will also be able to hold your really good looking physical cards in your real life wallet as well.

“I wasn’t able to spend digital currency on a card. I had to go through a manual process of moving my crypto into a bank account, which was a hassle.”

The old way

The old way

The Fluid way

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Create a Traditional Account in less than a minute

Create a Traditional Account in less than a minute

Create an account in less than a minute. No commitment required.

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