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The Fluid way

“With Fluid, anyone can get a digital account, not just rich people. I opened an account with just my email and topped it up easily. I sent money to my wife and she got an email prompt to open an account. Simple. She also got a Fluid card for $10 a year, so she can spend the digital cash in the real world. She can also take out cash from the local bank machine. It costs nothing to send the money to her and it arrives instantly. Now our daughter can go to college. I hope the people at Western Union burn in hell.”

“I would send money through the banking system using Swift. It took at least a day and I never knew what was happening to my money; it just disappeared into the darkness of the old financial system. And it cost about $20 dollars for each transfer. There was no notice when the money was received. It was a bit like the days before smart phones.”

“I would send money home to my family. They didn’t have a bank account, so we used Western Union. Western Union has some innovative ways of making poor people even poorer and it cost us about 7% of the money I worked for. It took a few days and my wife had to walk to the nearest Western Union outlet to get the money.”

The old way

The old way

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