Sell crypto easier

The Fluid way

I can redeem to my own bank account, integrated in the Fluid app. Which is so revolutionary. I am in control of my money!!

I sell my crypto for ETH.
I sell ETH for DUSD.
I press redeem.
I get my DUSD in my Fluid Account.
I also have a Traditional Bank Account with Fluid, so I can also redeem my DUSD to USD.

However, I prefer to hold my US dollars in Fluid’s digital cash, as I earn 4% on it. And, I can also swap it on a 1:1 basis for USD. I can see that digital cash is just a digital representation of what I hold in my Traditional Bank Account.

It’s better than a crypto exchange.
It’s the best way to redeem crypto.

Read what one of our community wrote: How to off ramp from crypto and buy an apartment in Greece using Fluid.

“I would send my crypto to my exchange account. It was often a challenge, particularly for larger amounts. It is a lot easier to get your money into an exchange than off of an exchange. Many banks don’t accept transfers from crypto exchanges, especially if it was for a lot of money. etc.”

The old way

The old way

Watch how it works
Create a Traditional Bank Account in less than a minute or download the mobile super-app

Create a Traditional Bank Account in less than a minute

Create an account in less than a minute. No commitment required.

Or download the mobile super-app

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