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Make your money work harder for you.

Our Fluid Accounts will offer a 4% targeted yearly interest rate on your base deposits, in multiple currencies: a far higher rate than any other savings account out there.

Just top up money into your Fluid Account, and start earning straight away: no extra savings account required.

You’ll receive different targeted rates for different digital currencies.

DUSD: 4% DEUR: 2.1% DGBP: 3% DCHF: 1.7%

The earnings are credited to your Fluid Account every 24 hours. You can watch your money grow in real time!

“I get almost no interest on my basic bank account in dollars. Actually, after fees, I probably pay a lot to have a bank account. The bank offers some savings products. To get these products I have to move my money manually into a savings account and then lock it up for a certain period of time.”

The old way

The old way

The Fluid way

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