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Better than a bank, and better than an exchange: buy crypto in-app. Just create a free Fluid Account with an email.

Once you’ve got your Fluid Account set up, you can top up your account, and then mint some digital cash (our signature currency that’s tied to the value of a US dollar, pound, euro or Swiss franc).

You can hold this digital cash in your Fluid Account, or link to your Web3 Wallet or MetaMask.

Once you’ve linked your wallet, you can move your digital cash there, or buy ETH in-app, and hold it in your wallet.

It’s faster, cheaper, and safer.

Read what one of our community wrote. You will never use a crypto exchange again.

“I created an account at a crypto exchange and then I would send money from my bank account to the exchange. This took at least a day. Then I would buy crypto at the prices offered on the exchange. Often there were compliance checks by the bank and the exchange.”

The old way

The old way

The Fluid way

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Create a Traditional Account in less than a minute

Create a Traditional Account in less than a minute

Create an account in less than a minute. No commitment required.

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