Quality Assurance Engineer

Vasilii was previously working with texts and information in general. Some years later, he decided to participate in global digitalization and started his way in the IT domain. Since that, he has been working in different companies: from startups to mature corporations and back. He joined Fluid Finance a year ago and is now a Quality Assurance Engineer. His hobbies include traveling by car and meeting new people. Vasilii loves the opportunity to change the world, the great team, the wind blowing hair while we’re growing, and Fluids of Success!

Fun fact: In his very first job, he forgot to prolong the domain name for the company website that was printed on millions of items of its products. And… cybersquatters bought this name. In the end, the company returned control and he decided to become a tester for not to repeat such a fault (in reality ten more years passed before he decided).

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