Torab Arya *

Torab Arya

Chief Growth Officer

Torab Arya previously worked as a lecturer. He was an Arabic instructor at a private institution in Berkeley, California. He also worked at Salesforce, where he was in charge of the company’s top Enterprise partners, as well as SensorTower Enterprise Sales, where he sold Mobile Analytics to the world’s largest apps. He is the chief growth officer at Fluid Finance. Being a Defi Degen, competing in Sports (Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Hopscotch), and MMA are some of his pastimes. He enjoys working at Fluid because being on the cutting edge of innovation and technology is challenging but extremely rewarding. Also, Robert is a firm believer in what he believes, and he was sold after chatting with him.

Fun fact: He was once on the US TV Gameshow “Wheel of Fortune” (Yes he won…kind of).

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