Frontend Developer

Pavel Mikheev previously worked at T-Systems in Saint-Petersburg as a Senior Frontend Developer. He was employed as a backend engineer at first but quickly shifted to frontend. He is the senior front-end developer at Fluid Finance. Tennis, piano, and hiking are some of his favorite pastimes. He enjoys working at Fluid since it provides him with numerous opportunities to demonstrate his worth by performing challenging assignments. He was given the opportunity to design more than just a solid banking app with a great user interface. Crypto is the future, and it’s fun to learn about it while working on the software. Of course, it’s also a fantastic group of extremely skilled technologists. Sherry, his Kurilian bobtail cat, is one of his most beautiful pets. She was born with a very small tail. She is incredibly sweet, intelligent, and fluffy.

Fun fact: Before IT, he had a variety of different occupations. A handyman on a construction site, a promoter, a cook waiter, a service engineer for a counting machine, an extras actor, an instructor in Physics and Mathematics, and an auto mechanic are just a few of them.

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