Chief Technology Officer

Igor is a software developer with over ten years of experience. He’s come a long way from working as a backend developer (primarily in C# on some fairly wacky and exciting projects) to full-stack work (with node.js) and then front-end work (Angular.js). He subsequently discovered Go and began to use it nearly entirely for the majority of his projects. He has been working as an architect for several years and can use his experience not just to develop code, but also to the overall picture of the projects he works on.

His main interests are fishing and spinning. He recently began fly fishing, which he enjoys despite the fact that he is still a novice. He likes working at Fluid because it provides him with constant challenges, which he enjoys. Solving those obstacles on a daily basis ensures that our lives are never dull.

Fun fact: Igor is one of the most boring people you can ever meet.

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