Senior Product Designer

Daria has worked as a psychologist, a marketer, an event planner, a photographer, a coffee sommelier, and a training manager in the past. You know life is short. Daria is the UX/UI designer at Fluid Finance. Through the interface that they deal with on a regular basis, they create a link between the tech team, the company, and the end-users. Daria enjoys capturing real photographs and finds that long solo hikes are the best way to unwind. She enjoys working at Fluid because Fluid is so Fluid. We have a really dynamic crew that, given the appropriate circumstances, can turn the world on its head. Daria is a proud owner of a plant.

Fun fact: Daria once broke into someone’s cottage in the Chinese Huashan mountains while trekking to sleep there during the harshest winter night of -16 degrees Celsius.

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