Damian Horner

Damian Horner


After studying Psychology, Damian began his career in Advertising and Design. He worked at some of the biggest advertising agencies in Europe before co-founding a creative hotshop where he won multiple awards. He was listed as one of ‘The 100 Most Influential People in Media’, starred in a BBC series about advertising and even worked with Damien Hirst on a campaign that was later exhibited at the Tate Modern Gallery. In his spare time he also curated a major exhibition at The Design Museum in London. Following the sale of his agency to a major global network, Damian spent a year travelling through the French Canals to Spain with his young family in a wooden boat. He co-wrote the story of their adventure with his wife – and their book was published internationally (hardback and paperback) by Orion.

Damian lived in Spain for ten years and from that base he worked globally as a marketing strategist with clients such as Microsoft and Universal Records. He also worked in the book industry where he is particularly well-known for his strategies for many famous authors including JK Rowling, Lee Child, Jodi Picoult and Stephen King. Damian was part of the core team that conceived ‘Belgravia’ the multi-media story app developed with Julian Fellowes of Downton Abbey fame. This was subsequently turned into a successful novel and television series. Damian then went on to conceive and develop an award-winning, No.1 gaming app that was highlighted by Apple for its revolutionary and genre-bending approach.

Now Damian is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Real Vision. Real Vision is a disruptive financial media brand, created to help investors understand the complex world of finance, business and the global economy, with in-depth analysis from real experts. Real Vision has over 500,000 members worldwide. Damian works as an external advisor for the team at Fluid. He is like a sounding board crossed with an ideas machine crossed with a copywriter crossed with a psychologist crossed with an extra pair of eyes and hands. His hobbies include classic cars, wooden boats, surfing, snowboarding, poster designing and early technology.

Banks have been screwing people for thousands of years and they’ve been able to get away with it because we’ve had no other options. Damien loves Fluid because it is a genuine alternative that is built from the ground-up to be more accountable to its community of users – and deliver on its core ambition to create a better banking model for a better world.

Damien has one golden retriever rescue dog named Harley and one black rescue cat named Blacko.

Fun fact: Damien wrote a book with his wife about giving up his high-profile job and going travelling through the French canals in a wooden boat with two children under the age of three. It was published worldwide and inspired many others to follow in their tracks.

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