Chioma Okeke *

Community Manager/Support

Chioma Okeke worked as a Meter Inspector/Bill Distributor for Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) in Nigeria before joining crypto in 2018. They gather client information, analyze it, and provide it to the company’s billing department for correct invoicing of their electricity usage. Her responsibilities also included ensuring that these bills were delivered to customers and that they were paid on time. She began her crypto career as a bounty hunter, promoting several projects through social media channels. As a result, she was hired as a community manager, where she worked on a variety of projects. CorionX, Shield Finance, and Trickle are among these ventures. When Fluid’s CEO, Robert Sharratt, contacted her about working for the company, she initially mistook it for one of the crypto projects she had previously worked on. She wasn’t very interested until she observed the team’s excitement and commitment to the project. She enjoys reading, traveling, and watching educational films. She also enjoys trying new things, learning new things, and honing her talents. The team spirit is one of her favorite aspects of working with Fluid. She’s never had a better working relationship with another team than she does at Fluid. The CEO is the best of all. He ensures that all of his staff are secure and comfortable while carrying out their responsibilities. She’s also ecstatic that Fluid is developing a fantastic product that has the potential to alter the world. She requires all of Fluid’s services, both for traditional banking and as a crypto enthusiast. She is a dog lover.

Fun fact: She laughs a lot. She’s very shy but at the same time very communicative when indulged privately.

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