DeFi Growth & French Market Lead

Just after Artsh finished studying, and driven by a strong sense of entrepreneurship, he co-established a family real estate company in 2011. Within a few years, this company became one of the most recognized and successful in this sector in his city. It was in 2017 that Artsh started to take a real interest in the world of crypto, which became a real passion for him; he then spent every second of his free time learning, learning and learning more.

Bathed in the world of communications since his childhood, Artsh is particularly passionate about everything related to the field of comms in the crypto sector. Artsh is also passionate about DeFi, which he sees as the future of finance.

Fun Fact: A big fan of sports and animals (he has two cats including a Maine Coon), Artsh is a jack of all trades. When he was younger, he played ping-pong with Jacques Secrétin (the former second in the world) and played with several professional football players from his region.

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