Based in Geneva, Switzerland with employees ranging from Silicon Valley to Tbilisi, Georgia, Fluid Finance has one of the largest multi-disciplinary teams in the space.

Led by chairman Alexander Vik, a Harvard-educated builder of tech companies, and CEO Robert Sharratt, an experienced banker, the team is the first to integrate traditional finance and crypto architectures.

The Fluid team offers a rare glimpse of an early-stage startup: Fluid Finance is the subject of a Netflix-style series produced by Real Vision, which goes behind the scenes about the challenges of building a bank alternative in crypto.

Alexander Vik
Robert Sharratt
  • Jessica Walker
  • Damian Horner
  • Eli Sunder
  • Cristina Mailat
  • Felix Grund
  • Alex Spedding
  • Anna Tutova
  • Torab Arya
  • Ana Ferreira
  • Yann Tarabori
  • Miriam Feldman
  • Golrokh Alizadehrad
  • Boris Vasilev
  • Noor Omar
  • Ivan Muravlev
  • Ava Bielowski
  • Artem
  • Surya Maneesh
  • Mike Zotov

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