Summary of the Surprise call on 1st Oct, 2021

By Ravi Renzo

Robert Sharratt, Nic Duerr, Nikolay Tnuyev, Elsa Schneider, Maxwell Cochrane, discuss recent events & future steps in under 20 minutes, here.

On the tech side, the development team has been focusing on resolving support tickets and queries for users, who were either on non-Arbitrum compatible wallets, or fell between snapshot and AMA.
Those affected have filled in a Google Form, and we will get back to them shortly after reviewing the case and how we may best help.

Nic and Nikolay have been working hard on fixing more bugs and minor issues with the web-app from community feedback of the web-app in beta.
So far, no major bugs have been found, which is great.
Day by day, the web app is getting better and better, thanks to your help. The more beta testers, the more potential bugs we can find, and the easier/better we can make the web app run and work for its users. We listen to every comment, no matter how small. Even if the suggestion is a single pixel difference (thanks Jeff!)
So make sure to sign up to the beta:
Access Code = fluidity-rocks

The development team has also been hard at work on all the security aspects of the web app, specifically the 2-FA security for the web app, which was requested by beta-users. We’re currently also looking at the possibility of signing in with your (MetaMask) wallet.

Another big announcement for this week: the live testing of real money in every direction on the web app, has been tested and was successful, with no issues on all functions and elements of the web app, a first step towards public launch. We’ll continue real money testing internally.

The exit-mechanism is also finished, but needs to be check thoroughly by our security expert.
It will go live next week, with a full legal explainer documenting every detail on the structure.

Additional content will be coming out over the coming days, including medium articles, videos and tweets.
Before the exit-mechanism goes live, there will be more info about the benefits of holding FLUID tokens; the bonus rewards, discount to public sale, and potential premium accounts for FLUID token holders in the future.

The AMA was finished with an incredible piece of news. Robert has signed a contract with a U.S. banking infrastructure provider to allow Fluid Finance SA to offer U.S. bank accounts, FDIC insured, with debit/credit cards provided. Further details and explanations are to come soon. 

Thank you for your time!

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