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We created Fluid Finance with a simple objective: to help people make their money work harder for them.

Our view is that the banking industry has always been about lining the pockets of the elite – rather than helping the ordinary person. That is why the rich always seem to get richer.

So we created Fluid Finance. The Bank Alternative. Built by a community of people like you for a fairer and better world.

Here is what makes us unique

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Based in Geneva, Switzerland with employees ranging from Silicon Valley to Tbilisi, Georgia, Fluid Finance has one of the largest multi-disciplinary teams in the space.

Led by chairman Alexander Vik, a Harvard-educated builder of tech companies, and CEO Robert Sharratt, an experienced banker, the team is the first to integrate traditional finance and crypto architectures.

The Fluid team offers a rare glimpse of an early-stage startup: Fluid Finance is the subject of a Netflix-style series produced by Real Vision, which goes behind the scenes about the challenges of building a bank alternative in crypto.

Alexander Vik
Robert Sharratt
  • Jessica Walker
  • Damian Horner
  • Eli Sunder
  • Cristina Mailat
  • Felix Grund
  • Alex Spedding
  • Anna Tutova
  • Torab Arya
  • Ana Ferreira
  • Yann Tarabori
  • Miriam Feldman
  • Golrokh Alizadehrad
  • Boris Vasilev
  • Noor Omar
  • Ivan Muravlev
  • Ava Bielowski
  • Artem
  • Surya Maneesh
  • Mike Zotov

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The fight against the global banking industry is going to be long and hard

The fight against the global banking industry is going to be long and hard.

If you share our vision that a community-driven bank alternative would be better for the world than the current banking system, we’d love you to join us.

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