Traditional Bank Account

An account for all of your traditional needs

A full-feature bank account. Connectable to your Web3 wallet.

Everything you’d expect from a bank account. Fluid’s underlying technology, combined with the services of our banking partners, gives you access to the full spectrum of the traditional financial system and its networks (e.g. Swift, SEPA, Faster Payments, ACH).

Get your own unique personal account number (including IBANs).


  • Pay bills. Anywhere. Anytime.
  • Spend your money (including crypto currency) on our cool debit cards.
  • Transfer money. Globally.

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Fluid has been built using the most sophisticated banking technology and by working with the best partners. So, you have full access to the banking system, including the SWIFT, SEPA, ACH, Faster Payments etc networks.

With our cards, you can access the Visa and Mastercard networks. Globally.

In development: buy digital assets, earn on your savings, invest in tokenized securities, borrow against your holdings, and lots of other great stuff. Follow our roadmap here.

You can open a traditional bank account in minutes, thanks to cutting edge AI identification technology. Want to see how easy our KYC sign up process is?

To get started, just enter your email address to create a Fluid account. You get a Digital Cash Account automatically and will then be prompted to create a traditional bank account.

You can connect to your Web3 wallet via the web app and mobile app, if you want.


Here’s how the account works

  1. Sign up using your email address.
  2. Complete a simple KYC process that takes less than a minute.
  3. You get a traditional bank account in your name, with an IBAN number or other account identifier.
  4. You access your account via the web app and mobile app.
  5. You can top up this account by sending in funds by bank transfer (card purchases in development). ℹ︎
  6. When the transfer is received, the funds are credited to your account.
  7. You now have the world’s first traditional bank account that can be integrated with your Web3 wallet!
Currently available: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF. More currencies coming.

What can I do with the account?

Here are some of the things you can do with your Traditional Bank Account:

  • Make free, instant payments to anyone with a Fluid account (including buying from merchants).
  • Make payments to other digital addresses on the blockchain or to traditional bank accounts, for minimal fees.
  • Spend your money on debit cards through the Mastercard or Visa networks globally.
  • Earn more on your money, through our savings products (in development).
  • Buy crypto (in development).
  • Buy tokenized stocks (in development).

Basically, you can use your Traditional Bank Account with Fluid Finance the same way as you use.
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Here’s how the cards work with the account

You can order cards from within the apps. The types of cards that are available depend on your country of residence, although all cards function globally on the Mastercard or Visa networks.

You have the choice of virtual or physical cards.

You can spend both traditional currencies and our stablecoins on your card. For funds held in your Fluid account, we simply deduct the amount from your balance, either in the Digital Account or the Traditional Account. It’s that simple.

In development: spending stablecoins and crypto held in your Web3 wallet.

See Debit cards for more details, including:

  • Tiers
  • Rewards
  • Costs
  • Terms & conditions

Here’s how payments work with the account

Fluid users

  • You can make payments to anyone, anywhere in the world, that has a Fluid account.
  • Instantaneously.
  • And for FREE.

On-chain payments

  • From your Digital Bank Account, you can also make payments in our stablecoins to anyone who has a blockchain address.
  • Almost instantaneously.
  • And at very low cost, depending on the chain.
  • See transaction timing and costs in the apps.

Traditional banking payments

From your Traditional Bank Account, you can make payments using the traditional banking system.

We support SWIFT and local payments in more than 180 countries, from your Traditional Bank Account. See Payments for more details.

  • Swift,
  • Fedwire,
  • ACH,
  • SEPA,
  • Faster Payments,
  • EFT (Canada),
  • AusPayNet,
  • CHATS (Hong Kong),
  • IMPS (India),
  • NEFT (India),
  • SKN (Indonesia),
  • RIX (Sweden),
  • FAST (Singapore),
  • IBG (Malaysia),
  • NICS (Norway).

Open Fluid Account

To connect your Traditional Bank Account to your Web3 wallet (if you have one), just follow these steps

  1. Log in to the web app.
  2. Connect your Web3 wallet (make sure you are on the Arbitrum network).
  3. That’s it. You now have the world’s first traditional bank account connected to your Web3 wallet.

Note: you do not need to connect a Web3 wallet to use Fluid. It is an option for you, if you want to hold your own crypto.

Check out our video here showing how easy it is to connect to crypto.

Want to know what real people think about Fluid accounts?

Fluid Finance isn’t really a company. It is more of a movement.
We are built by our community, driven by what our community wants.
Many in our core team first started as investors and were active in the community before leaving their other jobs to join us.

There are thousands of people from all over the world working on building a better banking model.

You can read what they think about Fluid accounts, how they work, what could be improved, and what features we should build in the future. Check out their raw feedback:

Check out their raw feedback

Want to ask unfiltered questions directly to our community and connect with other users?
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