The most <span>exclusive</span> account in the world

The most exclusive account in the world

Fluid Finance offers personalized banking solutions in both the traditional and digital worlds. Globally.

Whether you move markets in crypto or are just interested in
an exclusive traditional private banking relationship,
Fluid Finance has a unique offer for you.

Our Private Banking Solutions bring together two worlds, traditional and digital, for global, affluent citizens.

From our headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, the home of private banking, our service is designed to look after the world's most successful people.

Fluid Finance offers personalized banking solutions in both the traditional and digital worlds. Globally.

Core features

  • Traditional Account - an account for all of your traditional needs.
  • Fluid Account - an account for the digital age.
  • Unlimited digital on- and off-ramping at discounted rates.
  • Specific, dedicated team.
  • Personalized service.
  • Solid gold card.
  • Exclusive events.


Fluid's Private Banking Solutions are open to anyone, globally, regardless of nationality.

To qualify, you need to deposit more than $10 million (equivalent) with us.

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Fees Membership


Fluid charges an annual membership fee as well as specific transaction fees. These can be discussed with your Fluid banker.

Traditional Account Business accounts

Traditional Account

Fluid offers Traditional Accounts (via partners), which are based in Europe. These accounts come with standard IBAN and Swift identifiers and allow you to access the banking system globally.

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Traditional Account
In addition, you can create a series of related accounts, for family members or specific payment services. We can also create business accounts for you.

All ID verification will be easily handed together with your Fluid banker.

In addition, all significant transactions can be pre-approved in advance with your Fluid banker, so you don't need to worry about transfers being blocked.

You can connect one or several of your Traditional Accounts to your Web3 wallet.

Fluid Account Digital cash

Fluid Account

We can also create a Fluid Account for you. Fluid Accounts hold digital cash and provide a number of additional benefits, including:

  • Access to the digital world
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Free, instant global transfers, with no size limits
  • Ability to spend digital cash on cards
Fluid Account

You can connect one or several of your Fluid Accounts to your Web3 wallet.

Unlimited digital on- and off-ramping at discounted rates

Fluid offers its Private Banking clients the opportunity to on- and off-ramp almost unlimited amounts, at discounted rates.

Want to buy $50 million of ETH from your account with no price impact? Or, sell $50 million worth of ETH and get it in your account in USD in minutes, again with no price impact. You've come to the right place.

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Unlimited digital on- and off-ramping at discounted rates

Specific, dedicated team

All clients get a dedicated team specific to their needs. This includes experts in traditional finance, payments, investments and the digital world.

Alexander Vik, Chairman
Robert Sharratt, Founder, CEO Marc Flekei, Head of Private Banking
Damian Horner, Chief Creative Officer of financial media brand Real Vision

Personalized service

Personalized service

Our Private Banking Solutions are customized for your specific needs.

Personalized service

Some clients need assistance selling assets from the digital world and purchasing real estate.

Personalized service

Others need help with payment solutions for their companies. Some want a traditional Swiss private banking experience.

Personalized service

This is what Fluid Finance is here for: looking after your specific, individual situation.

Solid gold card

Solid gold card

All Private Banking Solutions clients get a 18 karat solid gold card as standard. These cards are symbolic of being part of one of the world's most exclusive banking experiences and are offered in partnership with Accomplish Financial and The Royal Mint in the United Kingdom.

The gold cards come with an exclusive pre-approval mechanism, so any amount of money that you hold in your Private Banking Traditional Account with us can be spent on your gold card. Want to buy millions of dollars in artwork from Christie's, purchase fuel for your super yacht, or buy an island somewhere? You can do all of this on your Fluid solid gold card.

Additional cards are also attached to the main card, including our plastic Wild Cards (so you can use ATMs!) and a series of virtual cards for your individual needs.

Exclusive events

Fluid provides its clients with access to the world's most exclusive events.

Want to go to the Oscars with a date? Interested in watching the finals at Wimbledon? Backstage access at concerts? Fluid can arrange it.

We also specialize in organising unique experiences, like African safaris, cooking with world-famous chefs, or training with top football teams.

Exclusive events Exclusive events
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