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Fluid is designed to help its users send money around the world like never before.

We are a borderless global company, built by people who want to make their money work harder for them.

At Fluid there are two main ways to make payments and transfer money:

  • via the traditional banking system
  • via the Fluid world

Traditional system transfers

If you have a Traditional Account with us, you have unparalleled access to the financial system.

You can also send money via many different local payment networks, including those set out below.

Swift This is the standard for international payments.
ACH US payments
Faster Payments UK payments
SEPA Payments in Euros

Plus many others.

Check for details and fees in the apps.

Get started with the easiest account in the world. For free

Get started with the easiest account in the world. For free
Create an account in less than a minute. No commitment required.

Download the mobile super-app

Download the mobile super-app

To make these transfers, you need to know the beneficiary’s banking details, including account and bank information.

Fluid world transfers

You can also make payments to any Fluid member, which is free, instant and global.

You can make transfers to Fluid members with any of the following information:

  • their email address
  • their phone number
  • their nickname
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Thanks for creating a free account! Check your email.

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