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Fluid is more of a movement of people who believe in a better world than a company.

You can see this in our community: thousands of people from around the world who have invested in a better banking model. Who are helping build a fairer financial system for everyone, regardless of where you live, what you look like, or how much money you make.

Wearing our blue and green logo is a symbol of bringing worlds together. Of people contributing to an ideal. It represents the natural beauty of our planet and the best in people.

We hope you will wear our colors and feel the passion of the people from over 100 countries who are working to build a better world.


We are just getting started, but here is what you can buy right now!

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One of the cool things about buying Fluid Fam merch is that everything can be made available as an NFT! This is in development, but, in the future, you will be able to “wear” your favorite Fluid clothing and accessories in the metaverse.

Fluid will allow its users to combine the elements of science, visual fashion and digital tech. As the world of fashion is evolving along the metaverse, you can fluidly move between the world of virtual design and physical manufacturing. Join the community of Fluid as we are building a world that connects each user not only with a better banking model but also with NFTs that allow you total ownership of the item you purchase physically and virtually!


The Fluid Fam is super interested in NFTs and regularly creates (“mints”) cool stuff, from corgies to art. Check out some of the NFTs that we have available at the moment.

Fluid Corgis Launch Edition
Fluid Corgis Launch Edition
Fluid Corgis Launch Edition

Fluid Corgi-NFTs


Fluid is about way more than banking.

Fluid is about uniting things (like the traditional and digital worlds) and people (like the thousands of community members. from all over the world).

For us, finance isn’t about numbers.
It’s about people.

We don’t just offer free accounts. And free global transfers. And high interest savings.

We offer hard-working families a way to send money back home.
We offer people a holistic way to manage their money.
And we make your money work hard for you, not for the bank.

Life in the Fluid Fam is about music, culture, art and celebrating life, in all its richness.

The Fluid Fam organizes lots of events, from local meet-ups to celebrations of our movement.

Join our community to stay up to date with all of the cool events that we have planned as we take our message to the world.

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