Fluid’s Wild Cards are the coolest cards in the world.

Designed for people who want their money to work harder for them.

Fluid is the Wild Card you need in life, giving you access to your money in the bank and in the digital world.

Two worlds, one super-app.

For those who want control over their financial life, you now hold the Wild Card! Available for both Fluid Accounts and Traditional Bank Accounts. All cards are debit cards, linked to your accounts.

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Spend fiat currencies and digital cash on your cards.
Life simplified.

Select the type of account you would like below:

Fluid’s Wild Cards

Traditional Bank Account
Europe and the UK

Eligibility Must be resident in the European Economic Area (EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).
Card type Mastercard debit
Currency GBP or EUR
Usage Global
Cash withdrawal Yes

Traditional Bank Account
United States (coming soon)

Eligibility Must be a US citizen or lawful resident alien.
Card type Visa debit
Currency USD
Usage Global
Cash withdrawal Yes

Fluid Account

Eligibility Open to all, except residents of Restricted Countries (see Terms).
Additionally, you need to hold at least 1 Fluid token. This token needs to be locked for at least 1 year. See details below.
Card type Mastercard debit
Currency GBP or EUR
USD and CHF coming soon
Usage Global
Cash withdrawal Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Fluid tokens?

Fluid tokens are unregistered equity shares in Fluid Finance SA, a Swiss company. They are ERC-20 tokens on the Arbitrum blockchain, which is a cool layer two scaling solution for Ethereum. We chose Arbitrum because it has cheaper fees and is much quicker than Ethereum while retaining the security benefits of Ethereum.

How can I buy Fluid tokens?

You can buy Fluid tokens in two ways:

  1. On Sushiswap, on the Arbitrum network
  2. In our apps (web and mobile)

See some video here about how to buy Fluid tokens.

Read more about Fluid tokens

How long is the Fluid token locked up?

To get a Fluid Card, you need to lock up the Fluid token for at least 1 year. The Fluid card “subscription” renews on an annual basis and you always need to be holding a Fluid token in order to have a Fluid Card.

How do I send you a Fluid token, so I can get a card?

If you already hold Fluid tokens, you can send them to our on-chain address.

Here is how you do it:

Send a single Fluid token to the address 0xFEBbe90156f6d4945D49b4dBCb6a8e201a2941D7. This is a Gnosis Safe contract where we will hold your Fluid tokens. Please do not send more than 1 Fluid token as it is unnecessary and you will lock more Fluid tokens for no reason. If you send less than 1 Fluid token, you can send the difference in another transaction.

Can I send a Fluid token to someone, so they can get a Fluid Card?

Yes, this is in development and will be available in the apps soon. Check the apps for details.

How do I get my Fluid token back?

Your Fluid Card subscription renews annually. If you don’t wish to renew you can cancel your subscription and your Fluid Card will be terminated. Fluid will then send your Fluid token back to you. Check the apps for details.

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