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The best crypto on- and off-ramp in the world

Fluid has integrated traditional accounts with the digital world.

So, you can now go seamlessly from your accounts with us directly into crypto (including NFTs, the metaverse, DeFi, etc.).

Both Traditional Accounts and Fluid Accounts can be connected to your Web3 wallet (such as MetaMask), so you can easily move between traditional fiat currencies in your accounts and digital cash in your own Web3 wallets. Essentially, you are the Mint.

What is digital cash? Simple, it is real money, on-chain.

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“I set up an account with a crypto exchange, which too a while because I had to verify my identity in their KYC process and provide a lot of information about myself. Then, I had to wire money from my bank account to the exchange account through the Swift system, which took a day. When the money arrived, I did a trade transaction to sell my traditional fiat funds for crypto. Then, I went through the process to withdraw the crypto from the exchange account to my own crypto wallet.”
– Marco, Switzerland

The old way

Here is what happens in the old world

Here is what happens with Fluid

A comparison

Key details

Chains Arbitrum
(more to come)
Oracle Price Pool address 0x04e2a8c9465f46f8ebb71fab035bcf79beef4253
Stablecoin treasury monitoring endpoint

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect both my Traditional Account and my Fluid Account to my Web3 wallet?


Can I connect any Web3 wallet?


Can I connect an exchange wallet, like Coinbase or Binance, to Fluid?


What should I do if I have an exchange wallet at Coinbase or Binance?

You should close it and get Fluid.

Can I connect my normal bank account to my crypto wallet?

No. Fluid is the only company in the world who offers this capability.

Do I have to verify my identity to open a Traditional Account with Fluid?

Yes, of course. ID verification is required for traditional financial features such an IBAN number and a debit card.

Do I have to verify my identity to open a Fluid Account?

No. Unless you send in over CHF 1,000 per transaction per day. In this case you have to do our simple, painless identification process.

Will Fluid likely replace crypto exchanges?


What are the limits for on-ramping and off-ramping?

There are no limits.

How does your on- and off-ramp work for buying ETH?

You can use our on and off ramp in two ways:

  1. via the app (just small amounts at the moment; large amounts to come)
  2. via our revolutionary Oracle Price Pools.

How do I buy ETH in the app?

Small amounts, to allow new users to mint right away on Arbitrum


You can buy Arbitrum ETH (AETH) in the Fluid web app (coming soon to the mobile app), after you have connected your Web3 wallet.

This is offered to new users who do not hold AETH in their Web3 wallets.


Here are the steps to buy AETH in the app:


  1. Go to the Mint screen.
  2. Select Buy AETH for $10.


$10 will be deducted from the account balance of your Traditional Account or Fluid Account and you will receive the AETH in your Web3 wallet.

How do I buy ETH using Fluid’s on-chain DUSD?

Fluid’s digital cash can easily be traded into ETH using on-chain decentralized pools.

Here are the individual steps to acquire ETH using DUSD:

  1. Swap DUSD to DAI in our Balancer pool
  2. Swap DAI to ETH on a suitable DEX

You can check the contract address for DUSD on the Arbitrum explorer here.

What is the fee for swapping on the Balancer pool?

The fee to swap into DAI is 0.04%, subject to change in future.

Will you be adding additional currencies to your pools?

Yes, our DeFi offering will end up with 32 tokenized currencies, starting with on-chain pools for USD, EUR, GBP and CHF.

Can I provide liquidity to Fluid’s Balancer Pool?

Since we’ve opened up our Balancer pool to anyone, users can add liquidity themselves to the pool. This allows providers to benefit from a share of the pool fees.

The risk of impermanent loss is vastly reduced because this pool operates with a non-volatile pair (DUSD & DAI).

Any more questions?

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