Bridge to crypto

The world’s first bank accounts integrated with crypto

Together with our community, Fluid Finance has integrated crypto into a traditional bank account.

A full bank account + access to crypto together for the first time in one app.

We have done this by creating a stablecoin that is fully backed, transparent and always verifiable 24/7 on-chain.

The end result: you can mint your own stablecoins directly from your bank account to chain.

When you want to cash out, just redeem the DigitalDollar for ordinary dollars back to your account, in seconds.

Essentially, with Fluid Finance you are the mint.

You are in control.

The old: wiring money from your bank to an exchange, exchanging it for ETH, withdrawing it to your MetaMask to use in DeFi (slow, expensive, potentially unsafe).

The new: Hold money in your Fluid account, get in and out of DeFi in seconds. Spend from your debit card.

We make accessing crypto faster, cheaper and safer

No more waiting days for your transfer to arrive at some centralized exchange.

With Fluid Finance, the average transfer time between a traditional bank account and the Arbitrum Network is ~20 seconds.

And we are working on getting this down.

We’re currently on Arbitrum Network, and are working on Ethereum Mainnet and Polgyon.

Eventually, we want to be on every chain possible.

No more paying high exchange fees. Plus hidden fees.

With Fluid Finance, all minting is low cost. Even lower if you hold FLUID tokens.

Read more about FLUID tokens here.

No more taking risks to invest in crypto.

With Fluid Finance, accounts are all regulated and insured.

Data is secured by world-class security.

You can also rest easy knowing that all transactions through Fluid Finance are protected by Swiss law.

Read more about Fluid accounts here.

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