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Our community is at the core of Fluid Finance. We know that the only way to compete with the global banking industry is by harnessing the power of a community of believers in a better banking model, for a better world.

We are working with our community to design and build Fluid Finance. And our community will continue to shape the way we grow and evolve.

Together, we’re on a mission to create a new banking model, because we all know that the current system is broken. Quite simply, we want your money to work harder for you – and you should pay less for the privilege.

Just as important to us and our community is that Fluid Finance doesn’t become another exploitative corporation. So, we also work hard to make the world a better place by doing what we can to help the environment, to help charities, advocate for social justice and support a fair deal for ordinary working people.

You can already see why we’re not like most banks….

FLUID APP launch party in Uyo

Users First

Users First

Fluid Finance understands that we are all global citizens living in a fast-moving, digital age. Traditional banking simply hasn’t kept up and that is why it needs to change.

Our community want a more holistic approach to the way they manage their money.

Many have different accounts in different currencies or different countries; others have invested in crypto assets; others are frustrated with near zero interest on their savings; most are fed up with obscene bank charges; and all of them are frustrated by the inefficient way their banks operate.

By building Fluid in conjunction with our community of users we’re able to identify the issues that people have with their existing banks - and then provide the solutions.

And this isn’t just empty talk.

The beauty of Fluid is that we aren’t handicapped by an existing business model that we need to preserve.

By starting from the ground up and by harnessing the flexibility of the blockchain, we have actually built a true bank alternative that puts the user first.

It’s not all about money

It’s not just banking that our community want to make better.
It’s also the world itself.

Let’s be honest, banks have been exploiting people for centuries. They only survive because people have no other options.

Our community doesn’t want to be part of that culture.

Instead, we want to be a bank alternative that does more than take money. We want to be a force for good and we’d like you join us on that journey.

So, we give a meaningful percentage of our profits to charity - and you can work with us on selecting those charities. Our employees spend 1 of every 5 days on their own non-profit interests - because happy staff means better service for our customers. And we even enable our customers to become partial owners in Fluid, so you can become a partner in our success too.

All of these initiatives are incredibly important to us. It is part of the Fluid identity. We know that we have to ‘walk the talk’. If we want to be a true bank alternative - we need to demonstrate it in everything we do.

It’s not all about money
We’re on a mission

We’re on a mission

You can probably tell that we’re on a mission. A mission to change the way banks work.

Let’s face it, very few people like their bank. Not many of us feel we’re treated well or get the best out of the system. But until now, we’ve had no choice.

We’re here to change all that. We’re disrupting the system.

We’re using technology to create a better model. And all of it is driven by listening to our community.

Please join us as we try to make banking better for everyone.

Fluid Finance: The Bank Alternative

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