Our Accounts

Fluid helps you to manage world currencies AND our digital cash. All in one place. Simple.

You can move quickly and seamlessly between the traditional and digital worlds whenever you want.

We offer two accounts: A Fluid Account and Traditional Bank Accounts.
And as you might expect from a company called ‘Fluid Finance’ – you can move between them smoothly and quickly.

Both accounts can be connected to your Web3 wallet, but only if you want. You choose. You are in control.

Fluid Account Traditional Bank Account
Available Globally EU, UK i
Coming soon: US, Canada, Switzerland
Apps Web
ID verification required?

Top ups above CHF 1,000 each top up require ID verification.

Top ups Via purchase of digital cash (e.g. DUSD) using bank transfer.
Credit card purchases in development.
Via bank transfers
Funds held Partner banks
(in our name)
Partner banks
(in our name)
Target interest?
Card available?

(requires ID verification)

Crypto hack protected?
Web3 wallet connection?
Costs Free Free i

Every user who signs up immediately gets a Fluid Account. i

Our Accounts

Digital. And Traditional.
And connectable to your Web3 wallet.

The ultimate account for those who want their money to work harder for them.
For those who embrace a future of infinite possibilities.
For those who want control over their money.
For those who want to help build a better banking model.

We make your financial life easy.

Get started with the easiest account in the world. For free

Get started with the easiest account in the world. For free
Create an account in less than a minute. No commitment required.

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Download the mobile super-app
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