Fluid Community Progress Update

FluidFi Community Progress Update
By Arash Ghaemi

After many discussions with the community and internally, this is the plan.
As we speak, selected community members are signing up for the beta, who have been asked to share screenshots, progress, and feedback with the rest of the community. 

So everyone can get a feel for it, even if they didn’t get in the beta test.

Over the next few days, in-depth articles on FluidFi and DUSD will go live, along with infographics, videos, and other content.

There’ll also be content about why we picked Arbitrum specifically, mostly explained by CTO Amadeo.

On Friday, during the AMA, the new $FLUID token will go live, with a new pool of liquidity on Uniswap.

The team will share our progress, answer the community’s questions, and explain our next steps.

This will give the community some time to get acquainted with the product.
How to use Arbitrum will also be explained, for those that need some help.

Those who had used non-Arbitrum compatible wallets, and those that fell between a snapshot and the AMA, need to DM me and they will be helped on a case by case basis. This also gives us some time to handle that properly.

We are all very excited, and working hard to deliver you an awesome product.

Check-in occasionally to see beta-testers share their progress, read in-depth medium articles, and ask questions.

There will be a lot more content coming this week!
Be sure to join the Announcement channel, for those of you who don’t actually read the pinned messages.https://t.me/fluid_fi_ann

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