Fluid token

What is $FLUID?

$FLUID tokens represent an equity ownership share in Fluid Finance SA. Fluid Finance is a financial technology company based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Interested in our Tokenomics?

Download the full document here or check out some highlights:

1) Overview of utility

Planned dividends, exclusive access to products, reduced fees on crypto & banking services, lower fees on DeFi savings products, higher limits on interest-bearing Fluid Accounts, community airdrops and more.

2) Low barrier of entry

Become part of the FluidFam and start receiving benefits with just 1 $FLUID. You receive a 40% reduction in card top-up fees and 25% reduction on redeem fees moving from crypto (on-chain) into your Fluid Account.

3) More tokens equals more benefits

If you like additional benefits such as priority support, cashback or even a solid gold card - we've got something for everyone. Fees are vastly reduced across all of our products for higher account tiers.

How to buy Fluid tokens

There are three ways to buy a Fluid token:

1. From Profile page in the app

1) Log into the web app.

2) Click on ‘My Profile’ in the top-right.

3) Scroll down to the ‘Fluid Token’ section.

4) Click on ‘Own your own bank’.

How to buy Fluid tokens

5) Select an account you want to pay from.

6) Click confirm.

Note: at the moment we are only selling 1 Fluid token per user through the app. You will soon be able to purchase more tokens in the app, or you can buy more tokens now on SushiSwap.

2. From Account in the app when ordering a Fluid Card

From Account in the app when ordering a Fluid Card

You can buy a Fluid token for $10, which will be locked for one year. Owning a Fluid token allows you to order a Fluid Card. See details in the app.

Don't trust. Verify

We encourage you to do your own research, and here are some good places to get started:

3. Buy $FLUID on SushiSwap

1) Open MetaMask with an Ethereum (ETH) balance

If you do not have MetaMask, go to: https://metamask.io
Never reveal your private key!

2) Bridge ETH to Arbitrum

Go→to: https://bridge.arbitrum.io
Then bridge your ETH from layer 1 to layer 2.

3) Switch to the Arbitrum network on SushiSwap

Go→to: https://app.sushi.com/swap
and switch to the Arbitrum network by selecting the network tab in the top right corner and selecting the Arbitrum network. If this is the first time interacting with Arbitrum it will ask you to add the Arbitrum network to your MetaMask.

4) Buy $FLUID

Go→to: https://app.sushi.com/swap?outputCurrency=0x876ec6be52486eeec06bc06434f3e629d695c6ba
(Be sure you connect to the Arbitrum network)
Verify the SSL Certificate. Only go to app.sushi.com. Do not go to any other website!

Swap from ETH → $FLUID: enter the amount to swap, then validate your transaction and broadcast it to the network.
If $FLUID tokens are not in your token list then add the contract address as a custom token. The $FLUID contract address is: 0x876ec6be52486eeec06bc06434f3e629d695c6ba

Quick facts about Fluid Finance

Company number CHE-323.697.011
Date of incorporation 8 October 2021
Capitalisation 405 ETH (CHF 1,410,793)
Share capital 140,935,618
Address Quai du Mont-Blanc 3, 1201, Geneva, Switzerland
Website www.fluid.ch
Employees ~70
Tax jurisdiction Switzerland
Directors Alexander M. Vik
Robert Sharratt
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