Fluid Community Meetups – Nigeria and Ghana

By Fluid Finance

Over June we’ve been holding some community meetups and launch parties worldwide to celebrate the launch of our mobile app. Here’s what happened at four Nigerian meetups: Abuja, Lagos, Owerri and Uyo, and one Ghanan meetup.


Abuja’s Fluid Community Meetup was held at the Top Rank Hotel Galaxy, Utako, ABuja on 26 June 2021.

Speakers discussed the advantages of Fluid over the traditional banking system, as well as the specific benefits of using a Fluid Account.

The first speaker, Mr Ubong, spoke at length on the benefits of Fluid as opposed to the traditional banking system and other financial institutions. In his speech, Mr Ubong mentioned the high exchange rates, high transaction fees and delays in transactions from other financial institutions and banks, citing examples from his personal experiences with these platforms.

Chioma, a member of the Fluid team, spoke, discussing the company’s objectives, where it’s located, the CEO and the team. She talked about Fluid’s goals, particularly its view of creating a better financial sector for better life outcomes for everyone in the world.

She discussed the differences between a Fluid Account and a Traditional Bank Account. She then spoke about Fluid’s unique offerings (savings interest, private banking, cards, digital cash, Balancer pool, merchandise NFTs and events), its commitment to radical transparency, its future plans and why the world needs Fluid.

The community asked questions about the app, some of which related to top-up. One of the guests made a recommendation to have a P2P gateway in the app to make it easier especially for crypto enthusiasts. Another concern was insurance. A guest asked the percentage of insurance offered by Fluid. Chioma pointed out that Fluid is fully insured by Lloyds of London, and funds are safeguarded against theft or fraud. Overall, the community were excited about the super app being built by Fluid and expressed their interest in using this app to ease their financial transactions.

There was a walkthrough of the app, help with download and a merchandise giveaway.

The event was attended in person by 50+ people, with 20+ new app downloads and nicknames. OVer 25 people joined the African Telegram group.


Lagos’ Fluid Community Meetup was held at Winning Life Event Center, Ikeja, Lagos on 26 June 2022.

Speakers talked about blockchain technology, Web3, DeFi, the benefits of the technology and its relationship with Fluid. They discussed the difference between Fluid Finance and the traditional banking system.

Scar, one of the presenters, explained why Fluid is the future of banking. In his speech, he discussed the benefits of Fluid Finance compared to the traditional banking system. He emphasized the ease of bridging the gap between Web3 space and traditional transactions with Fluid Finance. He also discussed the difference between the rates of targeted interest offered by Fluid compared to traditional banks.

Attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions; concerns were raised about the difficulty of top up from traditional banks. Also, another attendee asked about the regulatory bottleneck that will likely be encountered by Fluid in Nigeria. Scar explained that Fluid is willing to work with local banks and regulatory authorities to ensure there is a safe environment to work in.

There was a walkthrough of the app, help with download and a merchandise giveaway.

Around 40 people attended the event with 20+ new signups and app downloads.


Owerri’s Fluid Community Meetup was held on 7 June 2022.

The speaker presented the Fluid app to the audience. After the presentation, the participants were assisted in downloading and installing/registration of the Fluid app and the compatible crypto wallet – MetaMask wallet.

They were taught how to mint DUSD from off-chain to on-chain, swapping the DUSD to Ethereum and ETH to USDT. This process will enable them to convert the DUSD to Naira by selling the converted USDT.

The participants asked some questions about the project concerning the user experience in the app, the consistency of the features and the importance of the security of the funds deposited in the company.

The team were able to answer the questions and convince them of the consistency and security of any fund invested with the company. By letting them know that any fund deposited with Fluid Finance is secured with very strong partner banks and that the project is fully insured by Lloyd’s of London. There was a walkthrough of the app, help with download and a merchandise giveaway.


Uyo’s Fluid Community Meetup was held on 25 June 2022.

This event featured Valuefirst. He spoke to the community about Fluid and uses within everyday banking and payments. He highlighted the savings gained by using Fluid to send money between countries worldwide. He also discussed Fluid’s rates for earning interest, and easy international use.

The speakers also showcased the app, including saving and sending within the app. Joedes briefly discussed the different methods to top up your Fluid account while showcasing how to convert AETH to DUSD as this was the most used method for new users of Fluid at the event.

There was a walkthrough of the app, help with download and a merchandise giveaway.

39 people attended the event, with many new downloads and user signups.


The Ghanan meetup happened at the Aborigines Beach Resort on 3 July 2022. It was hosted by Eric Apity, Ghana’s Fluid Ambassador.

Speakers talked about the future of digital finance using Fluid. These speakers included experts in the technological and banking sectors. There was a Q and A where participants were able to discover the details of Fluid’s offerings.

There was a walkthrough of the app, help with download and a merchandise giveaway.

The event was attended by 60+ people who were new signups, and downloaded the app.

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