Pray for Ukraine

Fluid Finance condemns the Russian government’s aggression against Ukraine, and we stand with all people that are suffering, fearing for their lives and face hardship and uncertainty: in Ukraine, in Russia and everywhere around the world.

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Better than Banking

Fluid Finance is a revolutionary new approach to banking, built for the digital age. We’ve integrated all the benefits of traditional banking with all the benefits of crypto – within one app.

Here is what you will get:

Wherever you live in the world all you need is an email address to open your Fluid account.

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Fluid Finance is not a bank

All banking services are offered via our partners. Read more about how we work. Fluid Finance is not a bank.

Fluid Finance does pretty much all of the things that a bank does. Just better
Traditional banking meets Crypto
In one app In one app

Traditional banking meets Crypto

With Fluid you can hold up to 32 global currencies and an unlimited number of cryptocurrencies in the same wallet.

Now, you can forget about crypto exchanges - with Fluid you can move from your bank account into crypto and back within seconds.

And of course, it means you can choose whether you want to pay in crypto or traditional currencies. You can use everything from physical and virtual cards all the way through to Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Around the world in seconds Around the world in seconds

Free and instant global transfers

Send money anywhere in the world.
In seconds.
And… for free.

No more waiting around for the traditional banking system to wake up and get its act together.

Free and instant global transfers
Real-time exchange pricing Real-time exchange pricing

Instant Currency exchange

You can exchange 180 different currency pairs.

Better than that, our prices come from the trading desks of the largest banks in the world to ensure you always have the most up to date exchange rates.

You can even forward price (up to 1 year) and take advantage of our hedging options.

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Instant Currency exchange
World class Security
Your data is protected Your data is protected

World class Security

On the traditional side your funds are held securely with our world class partner banks.

On the crypto side they are held in state of the art digital security vaults.

And for ultimate peace of mind - we insure all your funds against fraud and theft with Lloyds of London.

Quick and easy Quick and easy

Open your account with just an email address

You can join Fluid by depositing just:

1 usd $1 or 1 pound sterling £1 or 1 euro €1

Yes, it’s that simple!

And to make it even easier, all we need is your email address.
This is the future of banking – it’s as easy as using WhatsApp.

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A genuinely different approach A genuinely different approach

A genuinely different approach

By building Fluid Finance with our user community we’re able to identify what people really want to do with their money. And then we provide the solutions.

By starting from the ground up - we aren’t restricted by the ways banks normally work.
And because we’re harnessing the flexibility of DeFi technology we can put the user first.

The results are revolutionary.

For example, in a world of almost zero interest rates - we can offer much higher rates on your savings. AND they are fully insured so your money is always protected.

That’s just the start…


Fluid app is in a test phase!
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Fluid app is available for free on the App Store Fluid app is available for free on the Google Play

24 May 2022

Ever wondered why traditional banks don’t like your crypto earnings? Check out our new blog post and learn how Fluid is changing this.

17 May 2022

From Tbilisi, to Dubai, to Geneva, with free instant global transfers: Watch some of our team send Digital Dollars around the world using their Fluid Accounts.

13 May 2022

Introducing the GoFluid Ambassador Program! Our loyal community members can earn Fluid Points and redeem them for our premium banking services, NFTs, merchandise, or $DUSD.
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What our community asked us for

Obviously you want all the usual stuff like the ability to make payments or send money abroad.

That’s easy.

But the point of Fluid Finance is to give our users the things they don’t normally get from traditional banks. Check out our interactive roadmap, to see what we are building for our community!

What our community asked us for

Let’s recap

How would you describe Fluid Finance?

Fintech + DeFi.
Fluid Finance is how a bank would look if it were designed by users.

What is DeFi?

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is the internet, for money. It uses blockchain technology, which enables trustless transactions between two entities, so you don’t need to go through a trusted middleman, like a bank, an exchange or a securities broker.

This is made possible by cryptography, so you trust transparent, sophisticated mathematics rather than a human being to do the right thing with your money. It is vastly more efficient than antiquated financial architecture, in the same way your smart phone is more efficient than an old fixed-line phone. The end result is that the middleman is cut out, so you earn more. Your money works harder for you in DeFi than in the traditional system.

Why would I use Fluid rather than a traditional bank?

For value and values.

  1. Your money works harder for you, because we cut out the costs of the bank middleman.
  2. It is more efficient.
  3. Users become owners. When you use our products, you are awarded a share of our community organization, the DeFi Bridge DAO.
  4. Most importantly, Fluid Finance is a bank alternative built for you. Built for people who want their money to work harder for them. Built by a community of people who believe in a better banking model.

Can anyone join Fluid Finance?

Yes, as long as you are not a terrorist or on some naughty list somewhere. The company does thorough due diligence and reserves the right to accept new members at its discretion.

How do I join Fluid Finance?

We have two apps: a web app and a mobile app.

Our web app is now live! Sign Up to register.

Our mobile app is in testing and is progressively being rolled out to new users. Join our waiting list and we will let you know as soon as you can get access.

Do I have to do KYC to open an account?

Yeah, of course! It is pretty painless: you have to verify your identity and provide a proof of address. We use Veriff, a super cool ID provider to do the checks and it usually takes less than 3 minutes.

Why are you based in Switzerland?

We are in Switzerland because it is a serious, freedom-loving country, independent since 1291 and a reference for safety and security. Switzerland has comprehensive banking regulations and a clear, supportive policy on crypto. Above all, we find the regulators to be protective of users and also open to new technology that widens consumer choice.

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