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Fluid Finance is an award-winning new approach to finance, built for the digital age. We’ve integrated all the benefits of traditional finance with all the benefits of the digital world – within one app.

Designed to make your money work harder for you.

Open to anyone, globally. i

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Fluid Finance is not a bank

All financial services are offered via our partners. Fluid Finance is not a bank. Read more about how we work.

Fluid Accounts

Fluid Accounts use our digital cash, which is simply real money in digital form. It can be used to purchase digital assets, exchanged for world currencies, or spent on your cards anywhere.

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Completely protected Completely protected i

4.00% target profit share 4.00% target profit share i

Free, instant, global transfers Free, instant, global transfers i

Connect to crypto wallets Connect to crypto wallets i

Available globally Available globally i

except if you are from some restricted countries, see terms.

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Get started with the easiest account in the world. For free

Get started with the easiest account in the world. For free
Create an account in less than a minute. No commitment required.

Download the mobile super-app

Download the mobile super-app

Traditional Accounts

Everything you expect from a bank account. Including a multi-currency wallet and free personal debit cards.

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Sleep well

Your money is protected as client safeguarded funds with our banking partners.

Completely protected
Free, instant, global transfers

Free, instant, global transfers

You can send money to recipients anywhere in the world. If the recipient doesn't have a Fluid Account, they will be prompted to create one.

Connect to crypto wallets

Connect to Web3 wallets

Totally optional. You don't need to be a crypto person to get all of the benefits from your Fluid Account. You decide.
You are in control.

Available in the following jurisdictions:

  • European Union European Union
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
  • Iceland Iceland
  • Norway Norway

Coming soon:

  • Switzerland Switzerland
  • Canada Canada
Create a Traditional Account in less than a minute

Create a Traditional Account in less than a minute

Create an account in less than a minute. No commitment required.

Or download the mobile super-app

Open MetaMask with an Ethereum (ETH) balance Open MetaMask i

If you do not have MetaMask, go to:
Never reveal your private key!

Bridge ETH to Arbitrum Bridge ETH to Arbitrum

Then bridge your ETH from layer 1 to layer 2.


Go→to: SushiSwap
Enter the amount to swap, then validate your transaction and broadcast it to the network. If $FLUID tokens are not in your token list then add the contract address as a custom token. The $FLUID contract address is: 0x876ec6be52486eeec06bc06434f3e629d695c6ba.

News and Announcements

DeepDAO Public Sale | 02 Mar 2023

DeepDAO public sale is now open! Invest in arbitrage, with technology that’s powered by Fluid. Visit the DeepDAO website for more information.

Project of the Year | 22 Nov 2022

Fluid’s exceptional growth this year was recognised by winning the AIBC Summit Mass Adoption Project of the Year Award – read all about it here!

Fluid Pitch Deck | 11 Nov 2022

Check out the Fluid Finance Pitch Deck – an essential document detailing every facet of our business from our products, partners, architecture & roadmap.

Pray for Ukraine

Fluid Finance condemns the Russian government’s aggression against Ukraine, and we stand with all people that are suffering, fearing for their lives and face hardship and uncertainty: in Ukraine, in Russia and everywhere around the world.
Slava Ukraini!

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Q&A: Fluid explained

How safe are my funds?

All money deposited with us is held by our partner banks as client safeguarded funds. In Europe our funds are held by investment-grade, regulated banks. As these funds are subject to client safeguarding rules, they are not covered to bank deposit insurance; rather they are held in ring-fenced accounts that are not available for bank use. There is no limit to the amounts protected by client fund safeguarding rules.

In addition, we have theft and fraud insurance in place to protect these funds further. In the United States, funds are held by investment-grade, regulated banks and covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)’s insurance program. Our digital cash is a digital representation of fiat money held with our partner banks, on a one-to-one basis.

Digital cash held in Fluid Accounts is subject to the same protections as fiat money deposited with us. Digital cash that is moved to Web3 wallets under a user’s control is, of course, not protected the same as money held by our bank partners.

Can anyone open a Traditional Account with you?

No. We offer only financial services in the jurisdictions in which we have partnerships. Residents in the European Union, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway and the United Kingdom can open traditional accounts with us. We will soon offer financial services in the United States. We are working on other jurisdictions.

Can anyone open a Fluid Account with you?

Fluid Accounts are the first digital cash account available globally, built for the digital age. Anyone can open a Fluid Account, except for residents of Restricted Countries (as listed in Annex 5 of the Terms).

What can I do with my Fluid Account?

You can send digital cash globally, for free (and it’s instant). You earn profit share on your digital dollar deposits.

How do you generate the profit share rate for the Fluid Accounts?

Profit share rates comes from our swap (exchange) operations. We use everyone’s digital cash to enable exchanges (e.g. USD to DUSD, DUSD to USD) and trading fees from our exchange infrastructure is the basis for paying this rate.

What is digital cash?

Digital cash, for example digital dollars, is just as the name says: it’s a dollar, in digital form. It is a digital representation of fiat money held with our partner banks, on a one-to-one basis. So, digital cash is always worth the same as the traditional currency it represents. You can send digital cash to anyone around the world for free, instantly. You can spend it on your Fluid cards to buy things in the real world, like coffee or clothes. If you have a Traditional Account with us, you can swap digital cash for money in the account. If you have a Fluid Account, you can sell digital cash to us in return for traditional currencies.

Is your digital cash a crypto currency or a stablecoin?

No. Our digital cash is a digital representation of fiat money held with our partner banks, on a one-to-one basis. It is not a separate entity, like a crypto currency or a stablecoin.

Can I use your digital cash on-chain?

Yes. You can connect a Web3 wallet (like MetaMask) to both your Fluid Account and your Traditional Account with Fluid! For the first time ever we have integrated these two worlds, traditional and digital, in one super-app.

If I use digital cash on a blockchain, what happens if it gets stolen?

Usually it is gone forever. However, we will do everything we can to help, so contact support if you have a problem.

If I lose my digital cash in the digital world is it gone forever?

Not necessarily, since it is a digital representation of money held with our banking partners. There are circumstances where we can recover your digital cash. Contact support if you have a problem.

How do I get digital cash?

There are three ways to get digital cash: – By opening a Fluid Account, where you essentially purchase digital cash from us – By swapping your traditional currencies for digital cash (e.g. from USD to DUSD) – By purchasing digital cash on-chain.

Why would I open a Fluid Account rather than a Traditional Account?

There are some similarities between the accounts: funds in both accounts are held with partner banks and have insurance in place, you can spend funds in both on your cards, etc. The biggest difference is that digital cash offers more advantages than old fashioned money. For example, you can send it around the world instantly and for free. We also pay a profit share rate on your digital cash, because it is tied to digital operations, which we don’t do for money held in Traditional Accounts with us.

Are there some things that I can do with a Traditional Account that I cannot do with a Fluid Account?

Yes, with a Traditional Account you can access the traditional financial system. For example, you can only send Swift payments from a Traditional Account, not from a Fluid Account.

Are there some things that I can only do with a Fluid Account, not a Traditional Account?

Yes, you can only make digital payments from a Fluid Account, not a Traditional Account.

Are you a bank?

No, Fluid Finance is a financial technology company. We offer financial services through our impressive partners.

Are you regulated?

No, Fluid Finance is not regulated. We offer regulated services through our payment, e-money, and banking partners.

Do I have to provide my ID to use Fluid’s products?

No, you can open a Fluid Account and use our digital cash without providing your ID. If you are a resident in one of the jurisdictions where we offer financial services, you can provide ID and open a Traditional Account. If you want a Fluid card, you also need to provide ID, of course.

How do you do Identity Verification?

In the simplest way possible, using sophisticated technology! Identity Verification with us takes less than a minute. You scan your face with your phone, scan your ID and upload a proof of address. That’s it.

Any more questions?

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